Classic collection


This collection is all about simplicity. I believe in the power of simple design. When you keep things simple there is always room for inspiration and creativity.

When designing these notebooks I was greatly inspired by the beauty of natural materials. I chose recycled paper and natural cotton along with the beautiful open binding to be the base of the design. Bold and simple design elements available in black or lavender will make the book look neat and stylish on your desk.

The classic notebooks are bound using my signature book binding technique that showcases the materials and the binding itself. This technique also lets the books open flat, which makes them perfect for sketching, painting and writing. You can fill whole pages with your creations without worrying about the book closing or pages folding down the center. Classic notebooks are available in two sizes: smaller (A6) to perfectly fit into any bag and larger (A5) to accommodate more complex sketches or lots of text. You can choose between lined pages for an organized look or plain pages for endless creative freedom.

“I really like my notebook, it is small enough to take with me everywhere. Despite the small size, it took me quite long time to fill it. I used it mostly for to-do lists and planning, but the paper quality is so amazing, that it could also be used for art sketches. I love everything about this notebook! Beautiful minimalist design, natural color of the cover, pleasant texture. As someone who is quite concerned about the environment, I was very pleased that it's made of recycled materials. And it's handmade! It is also pretty hard to find a notebook that opens flat, so it was especially convenient to use!" - Alina
All classic notebooks are created by hand in my small studio in Helsinki. Click play below to join me in my studio and see the magic process of how a notebook is born.


- 100% post consumer recycled paper
- plain or lined pages
- white heavy paper allows using pens and sharpies without showing through
- size: A6 or A5
- hand binding
- opens flat
- page count: 48 sheets / 96 pages

sasha kretova classic collection
“I usually have one million of things in my head and the notebook works as a external “storage” space, where I save everything that is likely be forgotten. I always carry a notebook (or two) in my purse and I write everything from ideas to recipes, random quotes, thoughts, films I would like to see… I also use it to draw sketches for new designs and I write endless to-do lists.

I like the neat yet handmade feel of this notebook and the fact that is pocketable. The materials are sturdy and the whole structure is tight and nicely crafted; I get the feeling that it is going to last forever :) I also love the fact that the notebook opens fully flat from any page you turn to; for some reason that makes me really happy every time I use it.” - Alba
“I have one notebook from Classic Collection and one from Tartu Collection. I enjoy using them for everyday and study notes. It’s clear that notebooks are made with heart with quality materials, bindings are very neat and cosy, and they are pleasant to use. Highly recommended to those who love handiwork, quality and simplicity!” - Polina


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