Linen collection

sasha kretova linen collection

This collection was inspired by fall colors and the beauty of natural fabrics. I carefully pick the prettiest linen fabrics I can find at local flea markets and recycling centers to turn into warm and cozy notebooks. These notebooks will be your best friends to spend time with on a rainy afternoon while sipping on your favorite tea and spilling your thoughts and images on paper.

All notebooks in linen collection are made using 100% recycled paper and repurposed linen (or other natural) fabrics. They are available with both lined and plain pages in A6 size. The notebooks are bound by hand with great love and care.

sasha kretova linen collection


- 100% post consumer recycled paper
- repurposed linen/cotton fabric
- plain or lined pages
- white heavy paper allows using pens and sharpies without showing through
- size: A6
- sturdy hard cover hand binding
- page count: 60 sheets / 120 pages

sasha kretova linen collection
"My notebook shipped quickly and arrived beautifully packaged. It is skillfully made from amazing materials like linen covers and heavy paper inside. Such a joy to write down my notes to this lovely book. Thank you Sasha!" - Kaisa


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