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All paper I use to make the notebooks, print receipts, package sleeves, postcards and promotional material is 100% made of recycled post-consumer paper waste. I use several paper manufacturers and suppliers, so here are the details of the main papers I use for my business:

Evolution Business 160 gsm is the paper I use for all of my hand bound books. The heavy weight of this paper gives it a premium feel without any bleed through, which makes it perfect for sketching, drawing and writing with pens and markers. Evolution is made at the Lenzing paper mill in Austria, using biomass power for the paper drying process, without bleaching. The paper's high whiteness is achieved through a special processing of recycled fibers. Evolution Business paper is FSC, EcoLabel, Nordic Swan and low carbon emission certified.*

Cyclus Offset is the paper used for all products I get manufactured by the printers. This paper is also 100% recycled, and it meets all the requirements for professional printing at the same time. Cyclus is produced in France from 100% recycled pulp, which also requires much less water and a considerable reduction in energy consumption compared to paper from virgin fibre. Manufacturing of this paper is based on an extensive recycling concept, which ensures the lowest environmental impact and supports green and sustainable growth.**

Living Planet Copy Paper from Lenzing Papier is what I use for my everyday office printing, such as invoices, receipts, package sleeves as well as design mockups and test prints. This paper is also made at the Lenzing paper mill in Austria. It is manufactured without chlorine bleaching and its high whiteness is achieved by a special converting process for recovered fibre. Production of this paper is run with bio energy and produces no landfill. Living Planet paper is FSC, EU Ecolable, TÜV Austria and Nordic Swan certified.***

All waste paper that is left from the production of my books or any other activities taking place in my studio is recycled or reused for scraps and testing purposes. I encourage you to recycle and reuse all paper that you receive from me when you purchase something from my shop! Use your receipts and package sleeves to scribble, sketch or make paper planes!


For all of my hand bound book covers I use 100% recycled carton and cardboard. Terrain and Tartu collection covers are made with imitation craft cardboard and Linen sketchbook covers use very thick greyboard. Both of these types of cardboard are made from 100% post-consumer low grade waste.*


All fabrics I use for making my hardcover books are salvaged reused fabrics. I source them at local flea markets and recycling centers or have them donated to me by textile businesses, who like to recycle their fabric scraps. I love linen, so most of the fabrics I use are linen or linen blend. Unfortunately, because of the way I source my fabrics, I can not always know exactly what they are made of. I try my best to source natural fabrics, that look beautiful and feel nice to the touch.


- all notebooks are bound using 100% cotton binding thread
- the covers on sketchbooks and journals from Tartu and Linen Collections are attached with general purpose PVA glue, that is water based and archival quality; no glue is used in the making of sketchbooks and journals from Terrain Collection
- lined journal and planner inlays are printed on a Canon Pixma printer using Canon's standard or compatible third party inks
- fabric spines on Tartu notebooks are made of 100% cotton ribbon

* description based on the information from Green Stationery Company, my main paper supplier
** description based on the information from Cyclus website
*** description based on the information from Lenzing Papier website and the paper package

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