Tartu collection


These notebooks are amazing companions to keep next to you for all your notes and drawings. The same binding technique as in my classic notebooks lets them open flat, which makes writing and drawing really easy and comfortable. Natural cotton spine makes them more durable and keeps their structure stable, so it will stay with you even longer. The black cover designs add a bold stylish touch while natural and recycled materials let your choice be friendly to nature. Pick your pages lined for neat and organized notes and journalling or blank for endless creative freedom.

How it came to life

This collection is all about doing what you love, being inspired and in the moment with your work. Those times when you find inspiration in the process itself and feel grateful to be able to dive into it in full. This collection is very near and dear to my heart because it constantly reminds me of an amazing and inspiring time I spent in Tartu in winter 2014. In a year full of ups and downs, that one month I got to leave all my worries behind, concentrate on my art and be surrounded by creativity and inspiration. During my art residency in Tartu Printing Museum I was lucky to learn to work with linocut and I fell in love with the technique. The designs I created were greatly inspired by the material itself. I let myself take a piece of linoleum and a bunch of carving knives, let my creativity flow and have the material lead the process.

sasha kretova tartu collection


In these notebooks I combined my love for minimalist design, natural materials, hand binding, simple fabrics and the color black.

- 100% post consumer recycled paper and carton
- 100% cotton ribbon spine
- original linocut printed front cover
- plain or lined pages
- white heavy paper allows using pens and sharpies without showing through
- size: A6
- hand binding
- opens flat
- page count: 46 sheets / 92 pages

sasha kretova tartu collection
“I have one notebook from Classic Collection and one from Tartu Collection. I enjoy using them for everyday and study notes. It’s clear that notebooks are made with heart with quality materials, bindings are very neat and cosy, and they are pleasant to use. Highly recommended to those who love handiwork, quality and simplicity!” - Polina


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