Terrain Collection

This collection was created with artists in mind. Those of you who love to sketch, doodle, draw and journal everywhere you go. Large white pages in these notebooks will give you all the freedom you need to sketch and the open-flat binding will make the process extra convenient, you can even occupy whole spreads with your art. The size of the notebook was especially designed for freedom to draw everywhere, which is why I balanced large pages with compact size and light weight, so that you can take your notebook everywhere with you.

The designs in this collection have been inspired by the terrain I live in: pine parklands, asphalted city scapes, snow mixed with ice and gravel, all surounded by saltwater bays of various sizes. In this beautiful mix of city and nature I always find lots of interesting details, all of which inspired the patterns on these notebooks. Simplicity and detail is what guided me the most through the process of designing and making them.


- 100% post consumer recycled paper
- plain or lined pages
- white heavy paper does not let pens and sharpies bleed through
- sustainably printed covers
- size: A5
- lay flat binding
- page count: 36 sheets / 72 pages
- designed and made in Helsinki by Sasha Kretova

sasha kretova terrain collection


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